About us


At Pekapeka we make high-quality and durable climbing training aids made from re-purposed and upcycled New Zealand Rimu. We’re passionate about climbing, the environment and are proudly New Zealand owned and operated. 


So how did Pekapeka come about? Ironically for a company that’s all about climbing, we were born during the 2020 COVID-19 lockdown. We were chatting with other climbers (online, of course) about different ways of training during lockdown. We compared various homemade and improvised training aids for pinches and grip strengths - all very creative. But we realised that there was a real need for a new kind of high-quality training aid. The first seeds of Pekapeka had been sown…


Our training aids are all hand-turned by our master craftsperson. He sources the rimu and inspects every piece for foreign objects or other damage. Once he’s sure the wood is of the highest quality, he laminates and hand turns it to the highest standard. Your training aid is then fitted with 316 grade stainless steel hardware before being individually laser engraved with our logo. And most importantly, every single item is made to order. Now that’s real craftsmanship for you. 


The name itself takes its inspiration from the way in which a bouldering mat opens. Much like a Pekapeka unfurling its wings. Of course, these small and agile bats are also experts at gripping onto all kinds of rock. They’re natural climbers and cave explorers. And their size, temperament and New Zealand origin seemed to fit the description of our own small business, eager to take on the world. So borrowing their name, seemed like a no-brainer. 


We hope you enjoy our range of products as much as we love making them.