What are Pekapeka?

Pekapeka are the New Zealand native bat. There are three species one of which 'The Greater Short Tailed Bat' is thought to be extinct. The other two are the Pekapeka-Tou-Roa (Long Tailed Bat) classed as 'nationally critical' and the highly endangered Pekapeka-Tou-Poto (Lesser Short Tailed Bat) which is unique to New Zealand and is only found in a few locations.

What are Pekapeka training aids made from?

Here at Pekapeka HQ we try and source recycled Rimu building materials and then we repurpose this material into high quality training aids.

What is Rimu?

Rimu is a hardwood conifer native to New Zealand. Rimu was the principal native tree milled following European settlement. Production peaked after the Second World War, to meet the increased demand for new houses. The distinctive reddish-brown timber was used for framing, weatherboards, flooring, doors and panelling. And it these same timbers we now repurpose for our Pekapeka training aids

Why does my order take so long?

All our training equipment products are handmade to order. Orders usually take up to two weeks to fulfil. If you have any questions about orders and/or delivery time, please contact us at sales@pekapeka.co.nz 

My training aid feels slippery

All our training aids are treated with a thin layer of oil to bring out the natural colour of the wood, and also to preserve the wood. Early on this may feel greasy until the oil has fully soaked in.